Our programs Include:
  • Instituting restitution and rehabilitation in Serbia
  • Enabling Diaspora-Homeland business linkage
  • Helping Kosovo Serbs realize their property rights

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Serbs Around the World Statistics

There have been many estimates regarding the population of people of Serbian heritage around the world in efforts to determine the size of the Serbian Diaspora.  These estimates have also been influenced by the definition of Diaspora and Serb identity.

The data displayed here is based on statistics published by NIN magazine and those provided by Serbia’s Ministry for Diaspora. Our tables show data provided by both sources while the charts show data provided by NIN as their data is more comprehensive.


Studies and Statistics

Studies About Diaspora

  • Diaspora Financial Contribution
  • Bosnian Serb Diaspora in Sweden
  • Diaspora Identity Politics


Serbs Around the World Statistics

  • Summary by Region
  • Summary by Country
  • Serbs in the Territories of Former Yugoslavia