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"Marko Jaric" award for top results in physics left for America
Serbian Unity Congress this year as well sponsored the monetary part of the reward

small01-2002On Friday 15th of March in the Heroes Hall on the University of Philology the most prestigious Serbian award for top results in the field of Physics was consigned - the "Marko Jaric" award. This award is also known as the "Serbian Nobel prize" for it can be given to any Serb no matter where in the world they worked and researched.

Mr. Marko Jaric is one of the most brilliant minds of Serbian Physics. He lived and worked in the USA. He was an active Serbian Unity Congress member and was extremely engaged in defending the Serbian name during the last decade of the 20th century. In honor to the early deceased Mr. Jaric, this award was originated on the Faculty of Physics of the Belgrade University, and from the very beginning the sponsor of the fund was SUC.

small02-2002In the hall in which, by circumstance, Mr. Jaric was in his time announced student of the generation of University in Belgrade, a ceremonial academy was held that was attended by representatives of the Republic Government, University, and all the science institutions of Belgrade. The "Braca Baruh" choir held a concert of Serbian, Jew and Mozart's music, and Mrs. Slavka Draskovic-Jovanovic, director of the SUC Belgrade Office reminded in the donor's name all present of the life and person of Mr. Jaric. In the name of the University, the audience was addressed by Mr. Ivan Juranic, the vice rector.

Professors Ilija Savic and Milan Bozic announced this year's winner, Mr. Leonard Golubovic, professor on the University of West Virginia, USA. Mr. Golubovic got the prize for his research from the field of interphase dynamics in the context of liquid crystals and exploring the statistically-physical ensembles of fluctuating accidental surfaces. He thereafter held a lecture in which he in a popular way helped the attendants envisage the core of the interesting and relevant topic he researches.

The ceremony ended with a cocktail in the M&M Club on the University of Philology.


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